Saturday, February 26, 2011

Boom Boxes and Pimp Hats

So I've had some hopes recently that have sort of been dashed as far as my current life goes. My grad school plans are underway and I'm very excited for that, but I guess I feel like I've been lacking in other departments. It's hard for me to be myself and really get to know people if I'm really into them so I feel like it's a difficult process to let someone see the real me and be interested.

One thing in particular happened today that was sort of a nail in the coffin, if you will, to any chances I'd fostered with a certain someone. I was so flustered. I came home after a long day of filming for our next DC show and decided to watch Say Anything. I'd never seen it before but I was in an 80's movie mood so I watched it. It was after watching this movie that I realized I want someone I'm interested in who wants me as much as Lloyd Dobbler wanted Diane Court. Someone will get to know the real me and be genuinely fascinated. It just hasn't happened yet.

So I was a little blue this evening and started ranting to my roommate about my recently failed attempt at an awesome relationship. I half-jokingly shouted, "All I want is a boy to stand outside my window with a boombox!" Then my roommate Heather came back to our room and said, "Whit, Matt's here." So I went out to our living room and Matt was there. Decked. Out. He'd just gotten out of a murder mystery dinner at his work so he was in a tuxedo holding some branches for me from a bush outside. It almost felt like an 80's movie. (: So we went out, he in his tux, me in my sweats, and started driving. I asked where we were going and he said it was a surprise. We went toward Orem and I asked excitedly, "Are we going to Savers?!" He laughed and said, "Are you excited because you'll fit in there?" (:

Well, we ended up going to the Nickelcade! I'd never been. So we got in, paid for $5.00's worth of nickels, and looked at what we could do. We played Skeeball, Ninja Turtles, and Simpsons. Then we saw this "Price is Right"-esque wheel you could spin for tickets. It had boxes for 10, 15, 40, 75, and 100 tickets. There was one small line for 1,000 tickets surrounded by blocks of 4 tickets too.

We came to it and figured, why not? It cost 8 nickels which was hefty, but we had plenty. So we put one nickel in and the wheel started spinning. We thought we set it off so we hit the lever and it stopped on 75. We were super excited but then realized that was an automated demo. We still had to put in 7 more nickels. So we put them in and pushed on the lever to spin it. We watched it slow down and it was nearing the 1,000! It stopped right between the line and the 4 tickets. We were like, "Oh! So close." Then the screen started flashing, "You Win!" And the number 1,000 started counting down as tickets poured out the machine!!! We looked at the screen and the tickets and Matt screamed and picked me up, spinning me around! We were both so surprised and excited and euphoric! It was fantastic! People were staring and taking pictures, they couldn't believe it. Someone asked, "How long have you been playing this to get 1,000?" We responded, "Just once!" And they couldn't believe it.

So we looked at the prize wall to see what we could get for 1,000 tickets. We saw two pimp hats lined with fur that were 650 tickets each. We only needed 300 more tickets so we played more games and got $3.00's worth more nickels and finally got 1,375 tickets in total. We got two money pimp hats--one with white fur and one with black-- then we rode home with the windows down, blasting, "The Club Can't Handle Me." (:

I've learned tonight that I may not have John Cusack playing songs outside my window, but I have a pimp hat with dollar bills on it that will always remind me I have the best friends and family in my life already.

Love to all,

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I don't know what this picture means, but I got accepted into BYU's MFA Creative Writing Program!

I'm waiting on Cornell next, but I can breathe a sigh of relief to know that I'll be somewhere next year. (:

Monday, February 14, 2011

V . D .

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

It's interesting, my roommates and I were talking yesterday about Valentine's Day and what it means to different people. Personally, I wish we could all go back to third grade when we made paper mailboxes and brought cards and candy for everyone in our class. It feels a little cheapened to see tons of men walking around campus with bouquets of flowers in their hands for their sweethearts. One day out of the year.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about showing love to the people you care about. I'm all about showing love to the people you care about every day.

  • Something cynical: The Onion's coverage on a tradition of stoning happy couples (it's absolutely hysterical).
  • So for this day of love and charity, I'm including something inspirational: Jeffrey R. Holland's wonderful talk on charity, "How Do I Love Thee?" (audio can be found here).
  • And something personal: Here's one of many of my love letters to the future love of my life. (I've written several, but just because of the circumstances, I'm launching this one into cyberspace and as this can be quite an insincere holiday, I hope you'll recognize my sincerity.)

Dear you,
I actually haven't written to you for quite a while, but seeing as how I've promised my 9 followers that I'll write, here we are.

I've learned a lot since the last time I've written. I used to see you as this wonderful refuge I'd find someday to embody everything that fits me perfectly. I think I've been let down in having that expectation because it's not exactly realistic to expect that all by itself. I can't expect you to do all the work to make this relationship meaningful, and I can't expect all my satisfaction to be from your innate characteristics. The thing is, you might be funny, or you might just be witty. You might be intelligent, or you might be a total space cadet. I've exhausted those possibilities in my mind, and instead I want to let you know that I am prepared to delve into this partnership one million percent and I expect the same from you.

I'm a pretty laidback person--and I expect you'll be pretty laidback too, because it's hard for me to get along with stubbornness and it's not very healthy because I can sometimes be a doormat--but if we ever do have disagreements, I promise to communicate with you. If we ever do feel tired of making it work, I promise to rely on the Lord to give me the strength I can't seem to find within myself, and hopefully you'll do the same. I promise to try and take every challenge we encounter as an opportunity to grow closer together.

Love, I promise more than my love to you. I promise commitment. I promise to be faithful--to God as well as you, because I know things work out when we keep close to Heavenly Father. I promise to be one with you and the Lord.

I have a few traits I imagine you won't find particularly favorable. I'm self-conscious and somewhat shy. I'm prone to sarcasm even though I dislike it. I'm a bit of a picky eater and I can't control my courtesy laugh so I might seem insincere sometimes even though I try hard not to be when I stop and think about it.

Thank you for taking all of me and helping me to be better. And thank you for allowing me to help you be better too. I anticipate us to have a rockin life together and the life after this one will just be fantastic. For now, though, I'm grateful to you for your efforts to become your best potential self. I'll try to show you the same respect by working on my standing with God. I'm doing it for you, for me, and for my Savior. Thank goodness He's playing a part in on our future relationship, eh? (:

I love you. Today and tomorrow.