Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 3 Post-Op

I've got a sports bra that opens in the front so I don't have to stretch my arms too far. It feels nice to get the bandages off.

Hey hey!

So today I went to get my bandages off and my drains taken out. Let me tell you, I hope you never have to experience that feeling. It didn't hurt so much as that it didn't feel... right. I could feel the doctor pulling the tubes out and it kinda shocked me at first. By the time he got to the other side, I sorta wanted to die, but then they were both out and it was all over. (:

So Doctor Jewett wrapped me all up in gauze and let me put the sports bra on that I brought with me. I took some pictures of me in just the sports bra but I figured this is a public display of my private life, so I'll keep it G. (: Plus, I get all embarrassed.

Anywho, I got to take a shower today! Well, sorta. I can't wash my chest until tomorrow, but I maneuvered around the shower head so the gauze didn't get wet and took a creative little shower today. I don't mind, though. I feel clean, and wonderful. I'm glad to have the bandages off, I feel much more limber.

I'm definitely glad to be off the Percocet. I was feeling like crap yesterday and finally stopped taking them last night after throwing up for the third time. Now it's just regular Extra Strength Tylenol and I feel great. No dizzy spells, no nausea and no puking. It's all downhill from here, and I'm pretty psyched.

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Sarah said...

Sweet! You certainly look smaller, and I'm sure the gauze gives extra padding. Yay for proportion!!!!