You Give Me Fever

Alas, I couldn't run forever!

So this last week has been a mixture of midterms, Divine Comedy retreats, haircuts and on-campus events. Oh yes, and the swine flu.

Around this time last year, the H1N1 virus seemed so far away. Infecting the lower classes of third world countries and wiping out herds of rural farmers. I scoffed at the idea that it would enter the walls of my own home. Then a new cast member of Divine Comedy had to miss our Saturday show to go to the hospital because of severe vomiting and a high fever. It was when she emerged from the ER that night proclaiming that she had been afflicted with the swine that it really hit the fan.

It was like a line of dominoes.

Why was I surprised to find myself at 102° and hacking up my lungs along with the ribcage that protected it? With a sunshine yellow mask as my consolation prize, I returned home to face a long weekend of achy sleep, sore throats, and sexy phlegm that makes my voice quite husky.

Allow me to share some insight this viral infection has presented to me:

The harder and faster you're hit, the quicker and sweeter your recovery.
Most students would rather sell their pancreas than miss a midterm.
Sleep can pleasantly surprise you. So can people.

Swine flu. It's not that bad. (:


The Thornocks said…
poor, poor Whitney. Hopefully you're starting to feel better. I've been freaking out about every sore throat, cough and sneeze that goes on around here, but I'm glad to hear it's not too horrific. You should wear that mask even after you get better. It's very becoming on you
jamieschip said…
I agree with Ash. That mask makes you look so sexy and mysterious. The germs behind the mask make it even more titillating. ;) See you Saturday.

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