Oh By Gosh, By Golly...

Merry Vacation!
Merry Traveling!
Merry Time With Family and Old Friends!
Merry Present-Giving!
Merry Caroling!
Merry Hot Chocolate Tasting!
Merry Dark Rooms Lit Only By Christmas Trees At 2 In The Morning!
Merry S'more-Making!
Merry Quiddlering!
Merry Kids Excited About Santa On Christmas Eve!
Merry Meaningful Cards for Meaningful People!
Merry Choir Programs!
Merry Feeling Great About Mankind!
Merry Starting Fresh!
Merry Snow (Or Lack of It)!
Merry Sleeping In!
Merry Fudge-eating!
Merry 5 Crowns-ing!
Merry Watching Movies!
Merry Good Feelings All the Time!
Merry Salvation Army Bell-Ringers!
Merry Giving to Salvation Army Bell-Ringers!
Merry Doing Stuff For Other People Just Because You Want To!
Merry Pine Smell In The House!
Merry Continuing the Myth Of Santa Claus!
Merry Cheesy Songs Playing Over and Over on the Radio!
Merry Liverpool Rummy-ing!
Merry Cookie-Baking!
Merry "Christmas in the Northwest"-ing!
Merry Inward Reflecting!
Merry Luke 2-ing!
Merry Packed Houses!
Merry Love!
Merry Peace!
Merry Goodwill To Men!


Ashleigh said…
yes, I'm a bit excited, too. Don't use up all your merriment before we get there.
Kayleigh said…
Merry Christmas Vacation Watching!

At least that's what I'll be doing...with lots of sleeping in, as well. :)

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