I am Smitten

Behold: the Smitten.

I stumbled across this lovely picture and thought, what is this? It's exactly what it appears to be--a double-handed mitten. Why would one want a double-handed mitten? Because many have extra hands they'd prefer to hold inside the glove rather than outside.

First I thought, This is madness.
Then I thought, This is loveliness.
Finally I thought, This is genius.

After frequent episodes of searching with Mal through countless Youtube videos for "Top Ten Movie Kisses," we often conclude our day thinking something along the lines of, "Is this real? Is this attainable? Is this what I'm going to get?"

And The Biz will answer you with a bold-faced "YES."

However, let us look at the logistics. The passion, the ridiculous circumstances, the misunderstandings, the quirky friends, the high-paying jobs. Fiction. All of it. Something to make us do rash things and then cry about our stupid choices while watching the newest chickflick. Nicholas Sparks, don't even get me started.

Do I have a point? Sort of. Much of my self sought after the thrill of it all and very much intoxicated myself with notions of wonderful soundtracks playing all the live long day when I finally meet him. Of course, I've been in love. Sunshine and daisies, surely. But our feet must stay planted. Our minds must stay intelligent. Our hearts must stay within the confines of our ribs because when it leaves the shield of bones, it has no protection and eventually stops.

So as I see the Smitten, I am reminded of the wonderful titillations that gently prick us when we fall. It is a romantic idea. It is also ridiculous and keeps this ridiculousness in mind, using that as an advertising strategy, like the Snuggie. So I think to myself, "Self, I would like you to fall in love. But I would like you to catch yourself before you get in a mess of things."

Whitney Call in 2007 was a lovesick dear with pure intentions and a very soft heart. She was looking for Mr. Wonderful.

Whitney Call in 2008 was a lovesick gal with hasty intentions and an eager heart. She was hunting for Mr. Wonderful.

Whitney Call in 2009 was a lovesick lady with surprising intentions and an achy heart. She was frustrated with Mr. Wonderful.

Whitney Call in 2010 is a loving woman with calm intentions and a strong heart. She is leaving a forwarding address for Mr. Wonderful. He can catch her when he's ready.

This may not make much sense. But I'm excited that I'm not of my old ways. Oh, I still get excited, but I have not looked at wedding pictures in months. I don't know what I want my colors to be. I try to have fun with several guys at a time. And I'm going to Disneyland. (:

Smitten--may you whisk away many young lovers on an exciting adventure without doping them with the pervasive fictional garbage we're smothered with on a daily basis.


Ji Su Park said…
You have a very refreshing and enjoyable writing style. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
Gregory said…
Mr. Wonderful continues to be a fascinatingly elusive individual. I don't know if I've ever met him for that matter. When I think of the list of men whom I know that are equal to Whitney Call, the list does come up rather short.

In fact, a good female friend of mine was once in an interview with a stake president where she was asked about how dating was going. She responded things were going decently, but not superb. He replied (loosely) "I can understand that. I look out across the men available in our stake and they are simply not of the same caliber as the women."

My goal here isn't to bash guys in general, but to point out how the goodness of your life has propelled you above and beyond so many men.

As for Mr. Right, you'll likely bump into him when you aren't really looking.

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