Short Story: Roustabout

Hey all! So I've been devoting some time to other pursuits: I'm catching up on the 7th Harry Potter book before the movie comes out. I think a lot of you understand when I say Harry Potter grew up with me. It's very important that I finish rereading The Deathly Hallows before the movie this Thursday night. So... my writing has significantly diminished today. But I didn't want to leave with you with nothing. (:

This is a piece of flash fiction I originally wrote for my Fiction 318 class this year. It had to include a specific number of words as well as a few other requirements, so I had fun making a piece of fiction in such restrictions. You should try it. Give yourself some arbitrary restrictions and make a piece of fiction from them. It'll help your writing really improve.

Anywho, enjoy! And hooray for Harry!
The Roustabout


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