Hey all! I'm so sorry to have skipped out on many potential posts, but I've been rather busy. To sum up, I'm in grad school, loving it, Divine Comedy might become a TV show on BYUtv, and I sang Firebolt at the Quidditch World Cup this last weekend. (: I am very blessed.

And I'm so excited for CHRISTMAS!!! For this season, I've decided to make a list of gifts I'd like. These aren't the normal kinds of gifts, however. There will always be the typical $, clothing gift cards, and movies, but this is the list of Christmas-gifts-I've-always-wanted-but-never-asked-for-for-obvious-reasons.

1. A pottery wheel.

Since seeing the movie Ghost as a child, I have wanted a pottery wheel. It's messy and therapeutic and you get to make pots! I remember my friend Mal buying me pottery clay for my 11th birthday. I was so excited, but realized that it was just the clay and no wheel. Mal was disappointed too; she thought she'd fulfilled my childhood dream, but it remains on the list.

No, I do not mean a stuffed animal armadillo, I mean a real, bona-fide, taxidermied armadillo. This is inspired by the movie Simon Birch. When I was a kid, I saw Simon Birch and realized that the only cool stuffed animal to have would be an armadillo. When else can you hold an armadillo? This is my only chance, and thus, puts it on my list.



Yes, it's a temporary gift. It will last for as long as my discipline allows me to savor it, and then it will be gone. But come on, it's Harry Potter.

It's no secret I LOVE sharks. This is the ultimate ultimate gift. It's a body pillow and sleeping bag. I could disappear in a shark's mouth and snuggle up to it's innards. It is 7 ft. long, and handmade plush. $300, but worth every penny. I'd never have to buy bedware again. Until I got married, but even then....

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Patch Adams
You can tell that many of my most yearned-for gifts are results of my obsession with movies. But this is a tactile experience I must encounter before I die. I would replace this with any food item, so long as it is textured and I can immerse myself in it. This is a bucket list item, and that's that.

6. A typewriter

This is an addition to my list. I'd forgotten about it, but ever since going to my mom's work as a kid and playing on their typewriters, I've wanted one. I probably wouldn't use it for writing novels (heavens, no). But letters, notes, etc. I think everyone should receive a typewritten letter at some point in their lives. (:

After 22 years, I've written it all down. That's the first step, I suppose.


Emily said…
This is why I like you so much. :) Also, when I was nine I asked for a pottery wheel. I also wanted to live in a huge upside down pot when I grew up... I called it my pot house. :)
Chad said…
These are just a few of the reasons why I heart you, dear Whit.
Ashleigh said…
I seriously looked up how much it would cost to buy you a stuffed armadillo. Then I thought about how difficult it would be to make you the shark thing. Then I started devising plans to someone make a big pool of noodles....I'm pretty sure this list will continue being a wish-list for at least a while, that is until I can stock up on enough boxes of noodles.
Sonja said…
Would holding a taxied armadillo count? Barbara Hovorka has one!)
bec said…
this is hilarious. i will tell you what i want for christmas- that stuffed shark- with you in it. in spandex.

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